August 3, 2019

I can feel magic's trick
in letting yourself feel all the love you can for someone
trickling let it keep trickling
out of your pores like hot breath
and maybe it will occur for at least one of us
the intimacy of hot breath wish

i think you're so cute
confounding the world
puzzle of land
riddle of land

A careless thread passes with care
that dream of holding the land
Wanna see you
word as gulch
and its roots out dry dangled
Rearranged and traded
slips hillside
away from my window early orange
Cuddles have all turned mumbly
simulating our togetherness
Matters of being mud hardens just in time
To not love something anymore

August 2, 2019

sticky branch bedazzled

A sticky branch bedazzled
equips me as my conscious archive of images
Why is this chaos reaching for truth?
A lot of it is a dimension
for eye placements’ eyelets
Touch placement touches
Rub placement rubbles
Placing after from the before
dressing for the tableau
a fixture fumbles under force
Two bows tied slow
The fast plaid folded
Spoke too naturally an instructional smile
is my itchy damp smile
Born into a portrait
haunted by
a surrogate penis to extend from
the chocolate chip in my nails
and bendy as my nose.
A lovely sponge to fuck and dream on
A sponge to prop your asshole open
Pink empowerment in promise
in my womb as a home
the fire fell on the bed

Dangerous to defend
with everyone being cute
the banality of empathy
becoming in me
speaking for me
Cutely coercing an obsidian hole
and i give this body to it
knowing elementally, it is heavier.
The space of hell
where the absolute pleasure,
the driving divine,
is sleeping with deviated pronunciations.
Incommunicable as a word.

So much suffering the sea is made
the taste of dolphin tears
Before it ever will be afterwards
implies somewhere that it must be late for tea

July 31, 2019

in a cow's head

Colors I used to be but am now
in a cow’s head
I am not moving
Only as being inside a head, lends you to not moving
‘til its decapitation

I could count the cow heads
I am 
dusty and immediately known
by an orange bright smell
Similar to a daisy shape
being in the cow head
from functioning properly
A debt always serves the symbol
Symbolically I am lying when I
Say it does not matter if your head is in a head
But I am outside anyway
Providing feet for rocks to crunch on
of the stones I bathed
where everything dreamed is real
but real is not always true
From inside a cow’s head
a thing wetter and less together

the meat is me, for you

July 12, 2019

"i" in sundial

The thing fell was a seed and I was to carry it unconsciously
If the knowing is noun should I still take as taken?
Taken along in my pocket for putting
With putting the question is possession
and how much possessing is taken from carrying?
If the knowledge is everywhere can it be still
Be stilled into the parted parts
between the seed and me

Leaf legacies relax with the thought of being compelled
like you can have me you can use me
What else do I do with all this vomit of my selfhood
Ouch that puddle pinches
dribbling at the reflection of the freckles me and freckles leaf
A solidarity in the falling sun that is not for us

There are ribbons farewelling
on the tree the tree
is polyester but the ribbons are real
hidden in pain’s sight
Cruel in the sky
a world minority is a planet too,
a petal open wide
to let untie a whisper
Inside the seed
a secret that it knew how to hold
beneath the crumple of the earth

How far can it go,
a sound is a noun
How quickly to
pushing the accent of a rock
like the weight of a body being supported
In these sounds I know I’m alive enough
The shined grass grassing as much for sun, for dirt,
for we that the rocks listen for listened forgettingly
How long it takes to forget the sound
that doesn’t serve you
the sound that doesn’t survive

May 24, 2019

Seeing me see heaven

The emotions of sensuality are transcendent and strong
An accent hovering on the tips of
Do you love me when you’re sleeping, I forget if I do.

Ant summoned ant angel visit

Be the night three nights from now
twirled around my heartbeat
Appeared in water
in the dream
on my hand
a relationship like the sunset
and the dirt’s shadow missing in that rest
Often upwards
they went past heaven’s gate
Continuing the ants, I am reciting ants

Sun's son milks each life in unison

Wanton for acknowledgement
I moved away to see if we would meet again
And they moved back in time
To assure me we would

May 8, 2019

Time’s Thick Portal Clumped, Dry Time Cooked

I materialize in the ways I understand you, really
Doubling the god fragment
My cells becoming more like me
or me like them
With sincerest obsession are
human being
being death
is also always its family of carcasses
living in body's pocket

The cherished pest acknowledged as sacrifice
to desire what does not desire them
I wanted to hear what was whispering
in the shape of the pondy hogwallow
They are the clock of seasonal sun.
I had never asked from them the time
Mine is spelled
in ants and colors of mountains
panting the sun in pets
Dreamt I was a dog, I know I really was one
hitchhiking on fur and birds
The limb-loosening causes
My head decentered
being twice
the bugs in my bed

Can I use these familiar symbols with unfamiliar you
Pumping shape like so many petals and wings
Moved away and apart with your time still inside me
an initiation forming
to communicate to ourselves
Constant, infinite nostalgia
to be less temporary
than what was taken
It was as loud as the language we reached for
The other bodies inside me–
time’s thick portal clumped, dry time cooked
What do I mean when I say me and you?

In bed waiting moon is not you again

In bed waiting, moon is not you again
They were the sticky rice
operating subversively from a distance

Not there
But here
Lost three shoes on the ground I fell into
Thinking the cloud
was not above me

For that beauty to belong,
being functional as information
it makes similar in aweness all
empathy is outside of hierarchy
Angels scrubbing
Former daughter
Another season’s sweetened
They’ll come in the shape of sugar
to send a message
As the takers as the eaters
Very green and under tables
The navigation belies spaces
Hinges stick
Out and have a fit pretzeled

2 blossoms
A vessel is never empty, holding itself
Weep into sweet paws for each fell into
Sweet paws
Delicately as the gravel’s heat
To start all over again

May 2, 2019

I can't say for certain that I don’t know you yet

Announced that I want to be dirtier today
Like apocalyptic don’t need anything but your self to be together
Fuzzy like a softly moldy growing cling
And why doesn’t she respect me
Expect rain for my dry dirt’s announcement
Damp my dry dirt, wet my stick sock
Sick clean sad, and clean but colder
The lack I am reminding you of
The lack that makes the red that is laying in you
The lack that fits between each eyelash when i roll my eyes at you
Participating as my reminder

As instinct, god as an adaptogen
For my spirit to cry out for and squirt under my tongue
God as a supplement
God as what I consume
God as the birds praying above me
Believing in without knowing
Knowing without recognizing

None of the dreams matter
I just point them out for context
I wish I could be you could be infinite
At least something in our skin is
An uncontained desert for the shedded solar dust
Theme of the ground is me
I need everything that I want
The whole thing of it inside of me
Chose the night song
All of the dreams matter
A world of context shifts mattering differently

When you look up at the treetops
The sun reminds you that you can be nowhere
Wore ladybugs on my ears and the flies thought they really were
I carried you in my bag for years
Greeted everyone with your tongue and forgot
We had never met
I can't say for certain that I don’t know you yet

April 26, 2019

The sky dug a hole obsessed with digging

The sky dug a hole obsessed with digging
The sky was a narcissist's ego
The sky shyly withheld
Rip the sip I am in it
That all the delicious dirt in you is
Here and clear putting it into heard
World heart world hurt wound

Wound in sky space

Sending messages to strangers.
Excited gesture of a menu offered
They reply with pictures of a thing cooked!
Your colony is what you eat off of,
Share the mated
Meal fated
A large empty dark space
bent and eaten and soft inside its parts
Aside from everyone else's lovers?
a totally quiet earth
Earth in the dark outside
Earth clean like a shopping plaza
I dreamt that Christmas recognized me as themself

There is a ritual

shape of a home
based on a gravesite in the fabric of you
invisible until it is excavated.
The body is the object of information
for them to present your message to yourself
does not allow
for body recovery
and as a vehicle
is the carrion
Dancing on it
you to your blood

Stability of knowledge led nowhere

All he would ever know of himself
was what he made others know
Pleasure-stroking the aphid for its sugar
for its flavor used for savoring
To open my mouth and admit I was eating the feeling

April 25, 2019

To believe, convinced I was a dragon's scale

Waiting for an earthly treasure– it will not come
To believe, convinced I was a dragon’s scale
Entering the myth of someone’s silver phoenix

Beaded curtain rarity life tied up
Grandma's doctor is always drunk
Grandma, reluctant at the wrong beach
Diagnoses herself with cherries
Sand in toes get caught on a vein
An ancestral scratch
Fingering the rain puddle splashing
This image and this sound of you
‘Til its real death, egg tart death
Baked death insomnia
The pigs and the wishing is loud
The white or red silk cloud

Her sun keeps chasing away
The other shadows she is meeting
Leaving only her shadow
With the sun

April 19, 2019

The tree is sacred and I don't know how to replay it

The tree is sacred and I don’t know how to replay it
Maybe I was
A mark in the air cobbled
A path through the bush and excitedly
As martyr or masochist
Meat or me like them
Human stigma's mate
Whispered secret love of land using me
The tree ate my heart my heart

Meeting me when I meet the bleed
Every worker ant is sterile
Switching leashes, holding our own
A long attachment
Politely, unpurely
The heartbreak of the dawn, that of separation

I almost had forgotten
The sky under your heart
How it appeared to me in amber
The ant's corpse in my shampoo
Attempting to heal in multiple realms
And I rubbed into my scalp
The intention of a stain
Sometimes I see the tree in you
When I know sacredness is mortal too