August 2, 2019

sticky branch bedazzled

A sticky branch bedazzled
equips me as my conscious archive of images
Why is this chaos reaching for truth?
A lot of it is a dimension
for eye placements’ eyelets
Touch placement touches
Rub placement rubbles
Placing after from the before
dressing for the tableau
a fixture fumbles under force
Two bows tied slow
The fast plaid folded
Spoke too naturally an instructional smile
is my itchy damp smile
Born into a portrait
haunted by
a surrogate penis to extend from
the chocolate chip in my nails
and bendy as my nose.
A lovely sponge to fuck and dream on
A sponge to prop your asshole open
Pink empowerment in promise
in my womb as a home
the fire fell on the bed

Dangerous to defend
with everyone being cute
the banality of empathy
becoming in me
speaking for me
Cutely coercing an obsidian hole
and i give this body to it
knowing elementally, it is heavier.
The space of hell
where the absolute pleasure,
the driving divine,
is sleeping with deviated pronunciations.
Incommunicable as a word.

So much suffering the sea is made
the taste of dolphin tears
Before it ever will be afterwards
implies somewhere that it must be late for tea