May 8, 2019

Time’s Thick Portal Clumped, Dry Time Cooked

I materialize in the ways I understand you, really
Doubling the god fragment
My cells becoming more like me
or me like them
With sincerest obsession are
human being
being death
is also always its family of carcasses
living in body's pocket

The cherished pest acknowledged as sacrifice
to desire what does not desire them
I wanted to hear what was whispering
in the shape of the pondy hogwallow
They are the clock of seasonal sun.
I had never asked from them the time
Mine is spelled
in ants and colors of mountains
panting the sun in pets
Dreamt I was a dog, I know I really was one
hitchhiking on fur and birds
The limb-loosening causes
My head decentered
being twice
the bugs in my bed

Can I use these familiar symbols with unfamiliar you
Pumping shape like so many petals and wings
Moved away and apart with your time still inside me
an initiation forming
to communicate to ourselves
Constant, infinite nostalgia
to be less temporary
than what was taken
It was as loud as the language we reached for
The other bodies inside me–
time’s thick portal clumped, dry time cooked
What do I mean when I say me and you?