April 19, 2019

The tree is sacred and I don't know how to replay it

The tree is sacred and I don’t know how to replay it
Maybe I was
A mark in the air cobbled
A path through the bush and excitedly
As martyr or masochist
Meat or me like them
Human stigma's mate
Whispered secret love of land using me
The tree ate my heart my heart

Meeting me when I meet the bleed
Every worker ant is sterile
Switching leashes, holding our own
A long attachment
Politely, unpurely
The heartbreak of the dawn, that of separation

I almost had forgotten
The sky under your heart
How it appeared to me in amber
The ant's corpse in my shampoo
Attempting to heal in multiple realms
And I rubbed into my scalp
The intention of a stain
Sometimes I see the tree in you
When I know sacredness is mortal too