April 26, 2019

The sky dug a hole obsessed with digging

The sky dug a hole obsessed with digging
The sky was a narcissist's ego
The sky shyly withheld
Rip the sip I am in it
That all the delicious dirt in you is
Here and clear putting it into heard
World heart world hurt wound

Wound in sky space

Sending messages to strangers.
Excited gesture of a menu offered
They reply with pictures of a thing cooked!
Your colony is what you eat off of,
Share the mated
Meal fated
A large empty dark space
bent and eaten and soft inside its parts
Aside from everyone else's lovers?
a totally quiet earth
Earth in the dark outside
Earth clean like a shopping plaza
I dreamt that Christmas recognized me as themself

There is a ritual

shape of a home
based on a gravesite in the fabric of you
invisible until it is excavated.
The body is the object of information
for them to present your message to yourself
does not allow
for body recovery
and as a vehicle
is the carrion
Dancing on it
you to your blood

Stability of knowledge led nowhere

All he would ever know of himself
was what he made others know
Pleasure-stroking the aphid for its sugar
for its flavor used for savoring
To open my mouth and admit I was eating the feeling