May 2, 2019

I can't say for certain that I don’t know you yet

Announced that I want to be dirtier today
Like apocalyptic don’t need anything but your self to be together
Fuzzy like a softly moldy growing cling
And why doesn’t she respect me
Expect rain for my dry dirt’s announcement
Damp my dry dirt, wet my stick sock
Sick clean sad, and clean but colder
The lack I am reminding you of
The lack that makes the red that is laying in you
The lack that fits between each eyelash when i roll my eyes at you
Participating as my reminder

As instinct, god as an adaptogen
For my spirit to cry out for and squirt under my tongue
God as a supplement
God as what I consume
God as the birds praying above me
Believing in without knowing
Knowing without recognizing

None of the dreams matter
I just point them out for context
I wish I could be you could be infinite
At least something in our skin is
An uncontained desert for the shedded solar dust
Theme of the ground is me
I need everything that I want
The whole thing of it inside of me
Chose the night song
All of the dreams matter
A world of context shifts mattering differently

When you look up at the treetops
The sun reminds you that you can be nowhere
Wore ladybugs on my ears and the flies thought they really were
I carried you in my bag for years
Greeted everyone with your tongue and forgot
We had never met
I can't say for certain that I don’t know you yet