February 16, 2019

Is it possible to understand a fish

An angel
became a person
set the bank on fire
and wandered.
She didn’t want to leave the street behind
but it grew irrelevant.
I haven’t seen any culture outside 
since they rebuilt the area.

In the room
sexy can i barking in the background
some phones 
new leaders
and a fish smell

Can you live 
in the other day?
Is it possible to understand a fish
as separate?
What does it smell like underwater?
He gave her a stuffing and left her 
smelling like the in-between idea
Who forgot to close the door?

The other person's feelings
the days after
are one of many styles.
Is it about me
when i gag?
She thinks its cute when he gags

I fall into ideas 
and choke up on
the thing about misogyny that hates 
what's sensitive.
An issue of proximity 
from what is gentle but not weak