February 27, 2019

the caterpillars time

i want to understand why they need a fence
but i stop at the whole
understanding business

plants can legally count as a fence

i don’t think
planting bamboo will make the colonial style house less scary
for who will it be different?

why are you obsessed with Japan
i might know but,
i pause at how you call some things

i don’t mean to get personal 
when it comes to how you think of plants
you are not an absolute

i refuse to convince
if all the birds die we will die

i want
and i exist in anger and flight
withholding some words
acting in secret
within the bamboo there will be weedy
host species for moths
the leaves will be eaten
and i will act surprised

i am every single bird on the entire planet
i am realistic
i refuse to know
i am the caterpillar the mocking bird eats
i am bird shit
i refuse to be my body

heteromeles arbutifolia
in a 24’ box
could feed coyotes, birds, and bugs,
and bugs to feed the birds and coyotes 
its toxic humans

living on the offense
by virtue of its difference from you
as long as there’s money moving
i will make plans with shrubs
i refuse to plant a garden
but i can listen to shrubs
i am a professional gardener
which sounds fake
a complex whole without order
a continuous thinghood

as long as there’s money moving
as long as i'm made to make pacts
with privately owned dirt