February 12, 2019

godless in the mud puddle

I swept the floor
and got everything so good but forgot what I did when I was doing it
I answered the phone
in my girl voice

paws uncrossed 
stare fixed and secretly gentle
slather the morning and the meaning in dream
escalator down where
they want to destroy needy 
needy not compulsive
then some compulsive and fed
taste defining a lifestyle

I burped up something from earlier
they buried something with matter
in a kind of way
what's good about it is not the point 
in the mud puddle
or wildly angelic 
the other team is the gurgling sediment
which is great for looking at with both eyes
I keep my love in my purse

that feeling when someone else knows that optimism is scary
winking through my stomach
privately stinkie

ideas are buildings
where are you when you're headless
do bubbles crumble
have you seen the edge to the fog

everything a little