February 11, 2019

The bee is the flower's cupid

Blossoms are bees spinning into existence
Reading-eating a poem
Of honey of horny honeys
The bee is the flower's cupid
Moist for the pollen, politely
Haven’t seen you in some time

Puppy cries pupply
Play-crying that hole was all over her face
Going in circles rippling ripples
A circle indicates a presence inside
Multiple concentric circles
Indicate a presence moving out
Found for you a piece of my road
To give to you 
A piece of my road to tie us in time

In my scream i am trying to
Empathize with yours
A mountain screeching for
An open an open an open oak grove
Was the heat the tree wanted
Slapping ass in the dry gulch makeout tree
Brown angel brown angel, next to that fallen oak leaf that is the sky’s milk

For a cute purpose of the most beautiful light
Impregnated the egg, entered the yolk
Her yolk is mine too, my yolk is hers too

But do you believe in love?
And how much?