February 3, 2019

separate skin

everything in particular
is infected by her pocket 
kept full of weird ideas with histories
where light misses 

I am her and so are his heeled shoes
us and the people
they are his remodeled apt

he said he was afraid of hurting me 
but i knew she was just worried
about Me
putting my weight on their heels 
covered in snakeskin

in my experience of continuity 
there will never be a center 
i won’t have it
but in the remodeled apt 
a manifestation of totality
i refuse to say what clean is!

i want to know things 
without needing to contain
My whole fist in your mouth
My joy in protest
coughing up your mucous

i respect sex
intimately diversifying 
greasing up edges
gathering knowledge is like
an urge to be violent 
can you add grace
to white paint?

we both tried on your dress
laughing at each others bodies 

containers are psychotic!